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Adverse Reaction Data Visualizations On Canadian Marketed Drugs

Latest update:

Adverse reaction data received by Health Canada between 01-October-2016 and 31-December-2016

Acknowledgement:  Ref:
Government of Canada's Open Data and Transparency Initiatives Canada Vigilance Adverse Reaction Online Database
Microsoft's Power BI platform for development of tools and apps Health Canada's Drug Product Database

Terms and Conditions:

The data contained in this interactive report is solely based on Health Canada's Data Extracts. The data represented here is unaltered and its authenticity is maintained completely and in equivalency to the data made available by them to Canadians through their website.

This report is developed using Microsoft's Power BI platform therefore it offers social media share feature. However any responsibility arising out of sharing of the contents via social media will not be borne by me as this report was developed to only assist data interpretation providing a drug safety perspective and highlighting significant efforts made by Health Canada along with drug manufacturers to ensure safety of drugs for Canadians. This data is already published by Health Canada through their web database for public.

By accessing this dashboard you agree to have read and understood the preceding statement.


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